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Who can register?

Anyone can register using his/her email id and get help to learn.


What is the registration procedure?

1-Fill out our online form (select the course that you are interested in)

2-You will receive a placement test

3-Answer the test and return it to admission

4-You will receive an invoice

5-Pay the invoice (PayPal or bank transfer)

6-You will receive a confirmation of your course one week before the start of your course

7-You will receive an invitation to join the class


Is the registration free of cost?



Is the course book free of cost?



Is the placement test free of cost?



Is the certificate of completion a course free of cost?



Who are my teachers?

All our teachers are qualified teachers with years of experience. They are also native English speakers.


What software and hardware do I need?

You just need the basics: A strong internet connection. A device to connect to the internet. The free-to-use video conferencing tool Zoom or Google Meet.


When do the classes take place?

Classes take place in the evening (two sessions per week, every session consist of two hours?


Do I get a certificate at the end of my course?

Yes, you will receive a certificate for completing your online course with SsK Academy


When do I need to pay my fees?

We strong as early as possible to confirm your place


How do you bill?

We accept payment by PayPal or Bank transfer


What is the currency of payment?

Sterling (Pound)


Can students request refund?

Yes, only one week prior the start of the course. Refund will be processed within 2 weeks of the request.


Can I postpone a single class?

You can if you are taking one-2-one lessons. However, with group class this will not be possible.


Must I have a good level of English to join?

No, not necessarily. We teach English from beginner to advanced levels.


Can I change my class time?

You can if you are taking one-2-one lessons. However, with group class this will not be possible.


Do I get any notification regarding the scheduled class?

Yes, you will get email to your registered email id.


How do I join the class?

Click on the link that you will receive to join your class.


Is there Class Recording?



Do I have to use webcam?



Do you have classes for female students only?

Yes, we do, if we have enough students to open a class


Who are the Students?

Individuals/group of people who need help with studies or improving language skills by attending the online classes would be the students.


I have a question

Please feel free to send an email with all your questions or enquiries