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General English Courses

The perfect choice for anyone looking to learn English online, our online General English courses allow you to join our group class schedule where you can focus on the specific English language skills you wish to improve. The General English Course will cover the most important aspects of learning English including vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation which will help you to improve the four main language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. At the end of the course you should be able to communicate in English more confidently in a variety of situations.



Our classes are a good option if you would like to:

– Improve your day-to-day use of English for educational, professional, or personal reasons.

– Improve your level of English before, or at the same time as preparing for an exam.

– Increase your range of grammar and vocabulary as well as your ability to communicate in English.


General English (female students):

We are pleased to offer classes designed for female students of all levels of English who want to improve their language skills in order to facilitate their everyday lives or improve their English level in order to further their careers or studies. Fully qualified and experienced female teachers will help female students to improve their skills.


Why choose our Online English Course?


Interactive lessons

– Lessons are interactive with a high level of student involvement. During your online course, you will interact with both your teacher and students from around the world.


Expert teachers

– Classes are led by experienced teachers. You will meet your teacher face-to-face through either Zoom or Google Meet.

Online IELTS Preparation Course

The International English Language Testing System (known as IELTS) is one of the most popular English exams in the world, taken by millions of people every year for migration, work, and study. If you are hoping to take the IELTS but want support along the way, our online IELTS preparation course is right for you. Get familiar with the exam structure and get the strategies you need to feel confident on exam day. Our IELTS Preparation course consists of specialist lessons for exam preparation and exam skills. Our IELTS courses are built around a strong course structure that supports the learning and guides progress. We measure this progress clearly and visibly to highlight strengths, needs, and objectives.



What is the Online IELTS Exam Preparation course like?

The purpose of the course is for learners to build and practice the skills they need to be successful in their IELTS test. Here is what to expect from our online IELTS preparation course:

– 60-minute lessons

– Our courses will focus on a different aspect of the exam i.e. Listening, Reading,

Speaking and Writing

– Live lessons delivered online through Zoom or Google Meet


Online IELTS Preparation Course Outcomes

On completion of this specially designed course, students will:

– Learn and practice the specific strategies for every IELTS exam task

–  Improve the range and accuracy of the specific language required for your IELTS exam

–  Build the confidence and resilience needed to succeed under pressure

– Receive individual feedback and support as well as group feedback throughout the course

– Form new friendships with students with similar goals from around the world in a collaborative and supportive environment

Academic English Course

This the course will reinforce your knowledge of the language and strengthen your communicative skills. It is a way for you to build confidence in your use of language in a range of contexts. You will learn to critically evaluate academic text, combine different genres of academic text types, and use a range of vocabulary in a general and academic context.


Online English conversation Courses

 Learn and improve your English conversation skills by practicing your English speaking using our interactive conversation practice lessons. These English conversation lessons will help you with your English speaking while giving you the confidence to speak with native English speakers.


Online Summer Courses

Our amazing online English course is also available for young learners! Our courses take place every weekday at 9:00 UK time in groups of no more than 15 students around the world.
Our curriculum is developed for students ages 12-17 and starts at only £240 per week, course duration: 2 weeks. Online-Summer1

All our courses include:

FREE registration!

FREE placement test!

FREE digital coursebook!

FREE attendance certificate!